Chess Lessons in United States and Emirates

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Chess Lessons in United States and Emirates

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Chess Lessons New York & Dubai

2022-05-20 00:00:00

Private Chess Lessons

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We offer interactive private chess lessons for all types of students and ages. Private chess lessons are one of the most efficient ways to improve students' playing ability. Our team of expert chess coaches provides personalized chess training.

Standard private lessons we offer are handled by advanced-level chess coaches, chess Champions, Grandmasters, Masters, and professional chess players.

All our chess students can undoubtedly improve chess knowledge and understanding because they will:

  • Train with title players
  • Master opening repertoire
  • Master middlegame and endgame
  • Have customized training plans to help advance their game

We also offer recordings of all chess sessions with our chess coaches.

Should You Hire Our Chess Coach?
In chess, there is no straightforward path to improve and get a higher level of knowledge. Every student has a different learning style. Thus, it could be hard for the regular chess player to find his or her weaknesses and, more importantly, learn how to tackle such vulnerabilities.

The Main Advantages of Hiring Our Chess Coaches

There are a lot of benefits of hiring our chess coaches, and the main benefits are:

  1. Expand of chess knowledge
  2. Development of critical and creative thinking skills
  3. Improve your chess understanding
  4. Unlimited access to our knowledge about chess, training, and its psychology

Levels of Chess Coaches We Offer

  1. Grandmaster
  2. International Master
  3. Master
  4. Expert Coach

Rates typically depend on the strength and title of our chess coach. An hour of a one-to-one lesson can cost from 45-170 USD. If you want to hire a high-ranking chess Grandmaster one hour of one-to-one lessons could cost even around 300 USD. You can also find coaches that give group lessons for a much lower price, but we offer only private or one-to-one chess lessons with high-ranking chess Grandmasters.

Contact us
If you want to get one-on-one chess lessons online with our experienced chess coaches, please visit our websites and schedule a call or send us a message:

Welcome to the Royal Chess Coaching Academy!

Potreban vam je pouzdan električar?

Potreban vam je pouzdan električar?

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